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Signing contracts online with is not only 100% legal and secure, it’s also significantly faster, cheaper and greener than alternatives. There is no need to print or transport paper, and all parties can sign the same agreement online from wherever they are in the world right now. Our typical multi-party agreement is signed under an hour; our record is 4 minutes. How much more could you do in the time saved?

The old way of signing a contract required printing out a copy for each party who needed to sign, then using a courier to transport all copies from party to party until each page of each copy was signed, only to then courier a single copy of the completed agreement back to each party. We used to do this too, but it's very expensive, takes ages and is environmentally harmful.

Use to improve turnaround times, to reduce costs, and to reduce your impact on the environment. All contracts signed on are automatically stored permanently and reminders can be set on each. You get to be more productive and feel better about the world too!

Store important records

Access anytime, anywhere offers secure, encrypted and permanent storage for all your important documents. Scan existing printed records and email or upload them to your account. Simply forward existing email attachments, or upload documents directly through your browser. Documents can be shared securely with people who need to access them, and rest assured that every document interaction is tracked and audited.

Throughout our personal and business lives, we create contracts and other important records that need to be stored permanently and securely. Most of these records are now generated digitally, so it makes sense to store them online too.

Records stored on are encrypted and stored permanently on Amazon's servers. Several copies are kept in different regions so that the most of the USA could be wiped out by a Nuclear War/Viral Outbreak/Tsunami and you'd still be able to access your agreements from your bunker, 24/7.

Proactive reminders

Peace of mind

Most contracts contain time-sensitive provisions that carry the risk of real financial loss if they are not properly managed. The problem is that as humans we are not good at keeping track of these 'moving' dates. Fortunately offers simple, intuitive contract management which allows each party to set their own reminder dates on each agreement, and to receive warning 90, 60, and 30 days in advance of such dates so that you can act appropriately. The reminders can be set on any document, and our intuitive dashboard view allows you to see and manage all upcoming activity in one place.

Sometimes there are 'cooling-off' periods during which a contract can be cancelled early on; in employment contracts there are typically 'probational' periods early in the agreement and notice periods thereafter. Some commercial agreements carry long notice periods failing which they automatically renew with an automatic price increase. The other side of the coin is that some contracts don't automatically renew - and yet we often see companies trading on regardless without any form of legal protection should things go wrong. Either way, the risk of financial loss is very real.


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Is it safe?

Yes, is a safe place for your important records.

On our side, we encrypt all traffic from your browser to our servers with 256-bit SSL, and each document is encrypted again with 256-bit AES when it is stored on Amazon's servers. You can only use with a validated email address. Each interaction with a document is recorded and viewable via the documents' audit log. As a final step, you can set up to be notified via email whenever anyone views, comments, downloads or otherwise interacts with a document. If you have multiple users on your account you can restrict access by non-admin users to particular folders.

From your side, we ask only that you use the most modern browser available (we support the last 3 versions of all major browsers) and that your 8+ digit password is kept secure (and contains a mix of number, letters and other characters). That's 99.9% of the battle won. Thanks!

Click on the Amazon Web services logo to read more about their system security.


Is it legal?

Yes, signing contracts online with is legal in South Africa, the EU, the USA and most other countries.

An independent opinion was provided by Lucien Pierce, an expert in E-commerce and a partner with Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys:

"the electronic delivery and signature of an agreement or related document, in the manner used by iSign, will fullfil the requirements of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (“ECTA”) and result in an agreement which is of full force and effect.

You can download an executive summary of the independent legal opinion here.


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Following a 10 document free trial, which you can extend by inviting friends, unlimited use of costs only R95 per month per user on an account.

Why use? offers the productivity benefits of signing contracts online, coupled to the convenience of permanent online storage and 24/7 access and the peace of mind that comes from proactive reminders around expiry/renewal dates. says it best: "Everyone should be using this."

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  • Easy: No software to install. Upload then share. Get documents signed & stored in minutes.
  • Secure: Military-grade encryption and secure storage throughout.
  • Cheaper and Greener: No paper, printing, transport or courier costs.
  • Great value: From as little as R10/$1 once-off, per contract under management on your account, for all the signatures, storage and reminders your need.
  • Legal: South Africa, the EU, USA, and most other countries accept online signatures.